Count Gabba


Self-Confessed Rocker Gets The Blues

Count Gabba debuted in March 2009 as a solo-artist with the album «The Lady’s Gone. The Song Remains». This self-confessed rocker was by then working with various Rock-, Punk- and Metal-Bands. The astonishment was pretty big, when Count Gabba brought together pieces from Americana-, Folk- and Country-Music. But the audience seemed to like his sublimation. Count Gabba was playing over thirty shows in Switzerland only in 2009. In 2010 he released the follow-up «Country Noir».

The new album «The Dance Decade», his first output within five years, was recorded in just three days at the Black Shack Studio in Calw, Germany. It was the first recording session with his new band including bassplayer Clodophon The Breakwater, Tom Tomahawk on drums and Felicio Del Toro on Guitar and Mandolin. The Roots of this new sound is still Country-Music – but with a far bigger influence of trashy Rock’n’ Roll. This music is rebellious. It’s straight-in-your-face. And it’s danceable!


Get 'em all. Play 'em loud.

2015 | CD, Vinyl

The Dance Decade

  1. Pretty Mediocre
  2. Everybody Gets The Joke
  3. Nail Your Hands To That Wheel
  4. The Girls Are Asleep
  5. My Dear, Sweet Love
  6. Hats off To The Brokenhearted
  7. A Good Life
  8. Back In The Eighties
  9. Sweet Mama Doin’ Fine
  10. Bright Lights

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2010 | CD

Country Noir

  1. Stay With Me
  2. Tired & Blue
  3. I Might Not Come Back Home Tonight
  4. Wounded Hound
  5. Semi-Detached Heart
  6. 2 Hot To Handle
  7. Your Best Friend Katie
  8. Let’s! Make! Romance!
  9. Shame On You
  10. Fall In You
  11. The Ballad Of Cleopatra
  12. Sister
  13. Safe
  14. We Shall never Meet Again
2009 | CD

The Lady’s Gone. The Song Remains.

  1. On The Sidetrack Of Love Again
  2. The Deeper We Fall
  3. December
  4. Out Of The Darkness
  5. Sweet Senorita
  6. Burn Barcelona
  7. Let Her Grow
  8. Eyes Like Guns
  9. The Greatest Show Ever
  10. Headphones
  11. Hey Hey


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